Painter’s Row

imagesI am Joseph Todaro; Knight, for the record. I am a long time veteran of the table-top gaming community, both RPGs, and tabletop strategy games. I do write for and do a fair amount of writing, level design, and planning for video games, but for me, my heart is and always will be firmly entrenched in “The Real”. I have a vast collection of gaming experience under my 32-year-old belt and have extended my love of the hobby to my son, Nicholas.

Here, I would like to dedicate this section to all of us who have spent countless hours huddled over an art desk and have brushed, over-brushed, dry-brushed, washed, layered, and tinted our beautiful works of art until they were deemed worthy of setting their bases down on a table-top to dole out and take countless dice-fueled punishments and hard-won victories.

Wow, I’m a bit wordy…

My main collection of models is for the industry veteran, Warhammer 40k produced by Games Workshop. I have collected a number of armies over my career as a model painter. The amassed forces I have at my disposal are Chaos Space Marines, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tyranids, and the Astra Militarum (Imperial Guard).

I will be posting pictures of my completed works in the following days, but this is not strictly my post. I want the community to join me in taking pride in our hard work and commend one another on our efforts. Let’s grow our community, it starts here!



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