The Lie is the Truth…

download.jpgHello, everyone. Knight here. The title might seem curious, but when you’re  a writer, there is no singular statement truer.

The Lie is the Truth.”

I have always loved reading and from a young age, I took in a large plethora of literature at every available opportunity. We at Otaku Times honor those who walk the hard, and often lonely, the path of the writer.

I will be posting some short fiction every so often based on a character named Ignatius Craft. He is part of a large fantasy world that I call Omega Terra. Being a fully “Geek Certified”, as I like to call it, I am a long time GM of many role playing games and Omega Terra is the world on which I base all my fantasy games.

Ignatius was born into a line of trusted warriors loyal to the High King of the Commonwealth and is tasked as a capable agent of the crown in any matter where discretion and skill are tantamount to success. He is an Ordinator to his Royal Majesty Isaiah Stormwing and servers using an indomitable will and strength. Check out his debut tale of horror and revelations about the depths to which a simple town can sink and the unspeakable depravity that human folly can leave in the wake of its mistakes.

COMING SOON to Otaku Times, 

The End of Loire

by Joseph A Todaro

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