Let’s get this party rolling /w Crunchyroll Picks

Hey, there my fellow Otaku it Charles. (Yes, I am stealing and modifying a Stan the Man saying).

I know we have not yet launched, but I noticed the increased traffic to the website. So, today I will launch a section called Crunchyroll picks. It will be about the stuff I been watching on Crunchyroll.


I will try and have the first article up by tonight. I want everyone to get a feel of how our site is going to run and how we will respond to our readers.

Thank you

Charles Lucas チャールズ ルーカス
Fellow Otaku おたく/オタク
CEO & Founder of Otaku Times


About Charles Onaje Lucas

CEO/Founder of Otaku Times オタクの世界 and Dojo-cho of the Bujinkan Rukasu Budo Dojo. Charles is also a New York City computer science & engineering student, Shiatsu and Reiki Practitioner, otaku, martial artist, artist, and actor living in Flushing, Queens, New York.

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