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Kon’nichiwa こんにちは Hello and Sumimasen すみません (Blows deeply).

So still working on publishing some reviews from last year and so new stuff. I going to start working on writing and completing on Tuesdays and Thursdays a time.  I want to make this work.

The article I am working right now, that is a passion is a history of Otaku Culture and turn it into a panel.  It is based on questions and things I overheard at AnimeNYC 2017.

I am working on I guess my generation was the beginning anime and otaku culture 1960’s to 1990’s are best and worst times for Anime, but it led the successful culture we have today.

A history is important to understand how far we have come and I far we have to go.  In being ourselves and not being afraid of who we truly are.  This weekend at Anime NYC 2017 has soon a little more of what I have to build.  Original this start off as talk about Anime and Manga but we have start publish articles about Japanese culture and it is growing organically into something more which I will not stop it.

I like a to garden and you need to let the garden grow and not disturb it. There is a world outside of Japan that also need attention, in Japan Otaku is a negative word but it is being taken back.

In America, Cosplays of dark skin or are plus sized are being attacked for not looking like the character.  Cosplay is not about looking exactly a character, it about an expression of your love for favorite character or show.

So, I am building a set for a podcast/YouTube/Twitch stream. We will still present articles but we will present recorded media.

Please send us ideas and/or tips.  We are to do videos of us building the set so you can join us for the fun.


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Charles Lucas チャールズ ルーカス
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Founder of Otaku Times オタクの世界

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