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img_0802Kon’nichiwa こんにちは Hello and Sumimasen すみません (Blows deeply),

I would first like to say thank our fans. The blogging has had a rough and has a lot of articles and interviews that started but not finished.

Start this week that will change, those of you who keep coming back I am grateful, you come to our page through all the ups and downs.  I know that it’s been rough, but I still learning about blogging, I didn’t know how hard it would be.

The thing is I have a lot to say and sometimes I am afraid because my grammar when writing is the best, but this last few weekends at Otakon 20018 and Liberty City Anime 2018, I have met people who inspired me not to give up.

So, I ready to set up a regular production schedule.  I will be releasing Content every Sunday, starting September 2, 2018.

We will release content, articles, videos, podcast, etc on Sundays starting September 2nd. We will try every Sunday. If my time frees up like today.

I release articles on other days but the official day will Sunday.

Charles Lucas チャールズ ルーカス
Fellow Otaku おたく/オタク
Founder of Otaku Times オタクの世界

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