Otaku Freelance Computer & PC Services

Kon’nichiwa こんにちは Hello and Sumimasen すみません (Bows deeply).

39911041_263248501174520_1036609525328642048_nHey, guys, I work from home and need cash for school books, food, pay for hosting this, etc. But I don’t want handout so I offer my services in Computer & PC repair.

I built my first PC when I was 13 years old and I use to work in IT.

If you are in the Flushing (Queens) New York Area Drop By.

25-38 Parsons Blvd. Flushing, NY 11354

Please, call for an appointment first for services.
Call (347)803-9885 or 917-653-2232

I’m Open all day Wednesdays and Fridays unless I have seen an IT client for Vulcans Logic Networks Eneterprises, Inc.

Rest of the week I can see you from Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays and Sunday after 4:30 PM to about 6:45 PM after my College Classes.

I generally only Charge for Parts and Labor (my time to work on the system).

Here are my prices:

Computer/PC Services

  • Free one-time Diagnostics
  • New PC Setup $80.00
  • PC & LaptopTune-ups $40.00
  • OS Installation $80.00
  • (OS is an Additional cost for licensing)
  • Virus/Spyware/Malware Removal $60
  • Software Install or Uninstall $ 30
  • PC & Laptop Backup & Recovery $100.

All prices are the cost of labor Only!

All Materials, hardware, and software licensing is a separate charge! 

We do not do over-night or next day repairs parts are not in stock.


Handmade Custom Built Gaming & Multimedia Systems

$60.00 per hour for Labor

( We supply copies of Performance Testing and Reports for all handmade systems included)

The client pays for Hardware, OS, Software licenses, & Materials.

All prices are the cost of labor, materials, hardware, and software licensing is a separate charge.

We do not do over-night or next day repairs parts are not in stock.

We do not carry pre-built systems yet.

I am CompTIA Certified in both A+ and Network +

We are cheap and affordable.

We are just starting on but I have over 12 years of fixing machines for Corporations and small business and I have built & designed my own PC’s.

Let’s know in the comments. if you like what we are doing, click “Like,” “fellow”, and give us “Feedback” in the “comments,“ and get an email notification about a new post.



About Charles Onaje Lucas

Founder of Otaku Times オタクの世界 and Dojo-cho of the Bujinkan Rukasu Budo Dojo. Shiatsu and Reiki Practitioner, otaku, martial artist, artist, and actor living in Flushing, Queens, New York.

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