Dr. STONE Trailer

Kon’nichiwa こんにちは Hello and Sumimasen すみません (Bows deeply).

Dr.STONE Anime Begins July, 2019

One day, Ooki Taiju takes his courage to confess his love to the lovely Yuzuriha. But a light from heaven turns humanity into stone. Several thousand years later, Taiju manages to break free. In this world where nature has regained its rights, Taiju finds her beloved still stuck in the state of statue. To remedy this, the teenager goes in search of explanation and meets his best friend Senku, a prodigy of physics chemistry, who was released from his stone state 6 months ago. As they discover a new civilization as they journey, will they be able to unravel the mystery of this event that has changed their lives forever?

Charles Lucas チャールズ ルーカス
Fellow Otaku おたく/オタク
Founder of Otaku Times オタクの世界

Thank you very much. どうもありがとうございました

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