NO More Amazon, they suck!

Konnichiwa こんにちは Hello and Sumimasen すみません (Bows deeply).

We are done with Amazon affiliate Network . The first account they closed was because we didn’t make the 180 time limit on make 3 purchase.

So this time they close down our account for have possibly copyrighted material on our website?! They comment on links generate by there link generator, why give us a tool that generates links and images, then close the site down because of possible copyright issue.

The second comment was image in our reviews; we are a review site, with review movies, TV shows, comic books, manga, toys, etc. Of cause we copyright protect images in the site.

So we are done with them. It took a lot of time to put the store together. So, I going back to focus on the blog.

I deleted all the links pages and post. This wordpress account came with e-commere account and setup. We do a mail order business at some point, after the clubhouse is open and we have so place to store product to be mailed out, we also need to get sale tax account and certificate from New York State. So this will take time.

Until back to blogging.

Charles Lucas チャールズ ルーカス
Fellow Otaku おたく/オタク
Founder of Otaku Times オタクの世界
Thank you very much. どうもありがとうございました

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