We are Still Alive!

The Clubhouse is finished. I built a place for nerds, geeks, and otaku to be themselves. This has been a long journey, but we did it. It took a few years to get us open, and then last year, we were hit with the pandemic. We are open now, and we look forward to having you in our shop.

To stay open and make money during the pandemic, part of the gaming area was turned into and Computer repair and servicing area, as well as an area, to make snacks for our guests. We are working on using our backyard; by building some type of awing and arranging to have the area heated. So we can have an outside gaming space year-round.

Our gaming tables are of two types. We have our folding tables and chairs to allow us to fully use the space based on the different sizes of the groups using the game space.  So, for those who want to rent our tables (we have long tables for models and stuff and square tables) per group, it will be $25 per group; I would book groups on different days; our option is if you don’t want to pay per group this covers your whole session for the day (max up 12 people).

Our day rate is $5 for adults and $3 for kids, covering activities in the gaming space for all day. The use of the arcade room is different and offline until I restore the BattleTech pods. Our official policy is that you can bring food and drink from outside our shop, but we like to encourage you to buy from our shop. This is how we stay in business. We will not make a buy from us. Period!

We are working on scheduled gaming, movie nights, weekend watch parties, and other events. So you come down and hang out for the day or attend one of our events. We are open Saturdays from 2 PM to 10 PM and Sundays from 12 PM to 10 PM. We are still working on the back room (the Arcade room). We redesigned the space to offer more snacks and refreshments and provide Computer Repair and Services alongside our gaming space.

We are available to rent tables for games and events. We had watch parties in the space and a few meetups. After New York, Comic Con 2022 will be adding additional events and offering merch soon! Please, drop by and visit us. Make an Appointment, book space, and come to an event. We also double our Space at Anime NYC 2022; we will snack for sale and a photo booth.

About Charles Onaje Lucas

Founder of Otaku Times オタクの世界 and Dojo-cho of the Bujinkan Rukasu Budo Dojo. Shiatsu and Reiki Practitioner, otaku, martial artist, artist, and actor living in Flushing, Queens, New York.