About Otaku Times

otakuOtaku Times is about everything Otaku. It is not just about individuals obsessed with Japan or Japanese culture.

Being an Otaku is a passion and obsession with one or more topics or subjects it is not limited to Anime, Manga, and/or Japan.  Our e-zine we will explorer and reveal the culture of the Otaku; we will talk Otaku from around the world and Japan. This is a Cultural E-zine.

The word Otaku has many meanings:


geek, nerd, enthusiast


maniac, enthusiast




fanatic, bigot, religionist, zealot, partisan, enthusiast


enthusiast, devotee, fan


coagulation, clot, enthusiast, fanatic

As you can see there are many way to write Otaku, anyway you write Otaku in Japanese. The first at the top are Katakana カタカナ and the last 4 are Kanji 漢字 (Chinese Characters).

Otaku from around the world are a culture of people who are obsessed; this E-zine is about everything Otaku.

This e-zine is about a culture that in the last 20 years has formed around a word that very negative is its native country.  In the last 10 years in Japan the young people and adults who called themselves Otaku are taking back this word an making it positive in there own country.

This E-zine is all of there interests and obsessions.  We are an independent E-zine about anything; Anime, Animation, Films. Music, Scifi,  board games, tabletop games, video games, Comic Books, Manga, Japanese culture (J-Pop), Hobbies, martial arts, models, guns, trains, etc.

We are hoping to use this e-zine to bring the culture together world wide and give them a voice to i-am-an-otaku-and-im-proud-of-ittalk about there interest and obsessions, as well as a voice of social activistism; as a people as groups as friends as family we are not weird and its ok to be different, its ok to be yourself.

We also introduce people outside this community to a world and culture that is Otaku, we will sharing our history, language, and social manners, etc.

This E-zine is design to unity people from all backgrounds and Otaku are in every culture, we will also explorer otaku culture around the world not just the United States and Japan.

Thank you for your time and welcome to Otaku Times.


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    1. Otaku Times US

      Actually, our store will opening in Flushing, Queens, NY. We will selling anime, manga, tabletop games, video games, etc.
      We may have a small cat cafe if our cats don’t mind the move to the store.

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